Off the Wagon is a five piece acoustic – electric band that performs classic rock, classic country, southern rock, pop, newer country, Irish, etc. We work to make the old songs new with arrangements that exemplify the strengths of the band-mates. Available for shows in many settings including local bars/taverns/restaurants, outdoor events, private parties and more. Contact us for a discussion of your upcoming needs and how we can accommodate you.

How it started: Off the Wagon started with a few friends, Kevin, Aaron and Bill playing at the Andover Open Mic summer season in 2013.  In the fall they met Ryan who liked the music style that they were working on.  By winter they had decided they needed a drummer to fill in the backbeat of the group.  Kier responded to a FB post and the beginning of 2014 started with a practice in the very cold garage.  With the smell of kerosene and seeing our breaths we all had a great time anyways and decided to set practice twice a week and learn 50 songs in about 2 months.  The first show was at the Hornell Moose in the spring of 2014.  The Hornell Moose continues to be one of our steady favorite places to play several times a year.  Since then the band averages 15 – 25 shows per year with the majority being during the summer months. 

COVID-19 impact: In 2020 COVID-19 took a big toll on the original bandmates. Bill retired in fall of 2020 and has moved to “greener” pastures away from the area. In early Spring 2021 Ryan decided his priorities had changed and left the band.

Version 2.0: In April 2021 we had two new members join us on bass is Dan Green and on lead guitar is Butch/Carl/Steve Lion [we still don’t know what his real name is, ha ha]. We quickly rebuilt our library and continue to learn new songs almost every month.

Kinds of Places: We play summer fests such as the Allegany County Fair, Garlic Fest, Smoke in the Valley, Italian Fest, Heritage Days, campgrounds, bars and private clubs like the Moose, Elks, VFW’s, Legions, other private clubs and the occasional private parties. We are open to travel further from our usual haunts in Wellsville, Hornell, Mt. Morris, Cuba for fun shows that folks will want to sing and dance along with our wide variety of music. Grab your hat, dancing shoes and come enjoy the sounds of Off the Wagon.

2024 marks our 10 Year Anniversary. The Hornell Moose is where it all started and we are returning 10 years almost to the day we played our first show. We hope you will come out and celebrate with us.

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Band Biographies:

Aaron Bridge – Rhythm and Slide Guitar/Harmonica/Banjo/Lead Vocals.
Experienced with many instruments and over 16 years of musical love and involvement Aaron brings his wide variety of talents to “Off the Wagon” to create a sound and group that is enjoyable for all ages, whether it be easy listening in the park or a rowdy bar scene. As the youngest member of the group he hopes to give the old a new sense of style, and that doesn’t just mean the music.  Aaron is a founding member of Off the Wagon.
Kevin Bridge – Guitar/Vocals
His love of music and playing began over 40 years ago when he bought his first banged up six string from a friend at the ripe age of 17. Always being a fan of the acoustic guitar he is recognized by many locals as the campfire king, or a party in a box, because of his warm constant energy and a permanent invite to everyone’s house parties as long as he brings his guitar. His spot on harmonies and southern influenced leads and rhythms bring a strong piece to the “Off the Wagon” sound. Kevin is a founding member of Off the Wagon.
Kier Dirlam – Drums/Vocals
Kier started playing piano at about age 7 and drums at age 11, picked up the guitar around 21. Kier has been involved in over a dozen musical groups playing drums, guitar, keyboards and singing. He has written over 100 songs in a variety of genres from country to punk, metal to new age. He joined “Off the Wagon” in 2014 after a long vacation from drumming [24 years] and is enjoying the sounds of the skins under his sticks on his “Lil Blue” Tama Drumset. Kier has also picked up a Yamaha electronic drumset for smaller venue’s where space is at a premium.
Dan Green – Bass/Vocals
Dan started playing guitar when he was twelve. Joined his first band at age 14 “the Invaders” and since then he has played with too many to count. Some bands he performed with are Void, Kountry Kut Ups, Fineline, Aunt Bluebells beaver boys, Swingshift, Phlatt Stanlee and Reload. Dan noted: My older brother “Jim” also plays guitar and a younger brother that is a drummer. Oddly, the three of us were never together in the same band. Dan joined Off the Wagon in 2021.
BT Lion – Guitar/ Vocals
Butch has been playing guitar for 50 years, starting at age 12.  He has played lead guitar in bands such as Trigger Happy, Stray-bullet, and the Back Alley Band. He got some good on the job training by playing mostly rhythm with a band called “Crawdaddy” while in the Air Force. The lead man in that group also an Air Force veteran had stints in Texas playing with Johnny Rodriquez. He notes: I learned a lot from him. Butch plays guitar, bass and some harmonica. He is an accomplished songwriter and works on recording at home. He is a part of BMI publishing and have had some recordings done and did some playing in Nashville TN. Butch stated that he has won a couple of songwriting contests over the years with one of my winning songs that was played on the radio the next day. This all from just an ole West Virginia fella from a holler and it goes without saying but needs to be said that without the strength, grace and guidance from Jesus Christ, I would be nothing. Butch joined Off the Wagon in 2021.

Former members of Off the Wagon:

Bill Bryan – Guitar, Harmonica and vocals 2013 – 2020

Bill Bryan

Ryan Gough – Bass, Mandolin and vocals 2013 – 2021

Ryan Gough